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Sandblasting on Very Large Parts,
LF Type

LF type is a blasting machine applied to large parts inside a large booth with hands or by a robot.

Fuji Manufacturing provides more efficient media recycling mechanism and clearer visibility and cleaner working environment than any other companies.

With our unique air flow recovery system, lower flooring was enabled.

Japan Patent 2009-95892Abrasive recovering mechanism in blasting machine.
US Pat.No.7695348Abrasive recovering mechanism in blasting machine.
  • The floor is lowered in order to reduce the construction cost on digging a pit in the plant.
  • By limiting the floor height by 400~600mm, sometimes it is possible to place no pit at all.
  • Further, with our unique recovery system, the construction cost on piping the duct to the external dust collector and the cost of collector itself is drastically reduced.

Highly ventilated and clean working environment is materialized with our unique ventilation system!

Japan Patent No. 3921258Blasting machine.

Conventionally, abrasive and dust were blown up in the air; it was difficult to secure enough visibility. With hardly any airflow, the environment was not quite ideal. We resolved such problems and provide a healthy working environment.

  • Dust are prevented from being blown up in the air by increasing the ventilation in the blast room to create the flow of air running from the above to the lower part of the room.
  • Dust settle down fast in the room; the better working environment means fewer loads on the workers.
  • The clear visibility in the work room allows the workers to see better to create higher quality products.
  • Our air supply mask has temperature control function; long working hour will not be stressful.

Principal use

  • Preprocessing of painting heavy machine frame
  • Preprocessing of painting automobile frame and body paint stripping
  • Preprocessing of thermal spraying of industrial turbine
  • Scale removal of a large motor coil
  • Preprocessing of painting trailer chassis
  • Cleaning of a vacuum deposition jig
  • Welding burn and burr removal of stainless steel cylinder, and for aesthetic finishing
  • Preprocessing of various coating
  • Burr removal and cleaning of a large processing machine
  • Cleaning of a large metal molding
  • Uniform processing of a large roller surface
  • Cleaning of a turbine rotor
  • Burr removal of a blade of a large cutting tool (broach etc.)
  • Preprocessing of painting a water gate
  • Preprocessing of painting steel bridge members
  • Internal sand cast removal of a large valve body
  • Preprocessing of painting of nuclear parts
  • Paint base processing, paint peeling, rust removal of a loading arm

Additional use: preprocessing of painting, paint base, paint peeling, rust removal, scale removal, aesthetic pear skin finishing, restoration of various large products.


Fine visibility!

Low floor!

No need for a maintenance!

No Pit is needed!

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