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Rotary table with open window machine Rotary table with suction type machine Indexing rotary table machine
(Planetary machine)
Excellent in versatility,for continuous and batch process.

A thin substrate workpiece can be retained to the large table by suction and processed with high speed spinning.
Indexing table to equip satellite small tables to rotate small to medium size workpieces while processing.
Internal table machine Bouncing conveyor machine Conveyor machine
Workpieces should be placed on a large table and processed on their upper surface.

Workpiece can be processed on its whole surface without being held. The machine is also good in in-line configuration thanks to horizontal conveyor.
With its universality,good for long and big workpiece.
(Roller type or bar type conveyor)

Cylinder processing machine Multi axis machine Robot machine
We have a variety of product line to process from small to big size cylindrical workpiece.

Carriage type machine combined with multi axis (X,Z,θ1,θ2) to process various kind of workpieces.

Carriage type machine combined with robot to accommodate workpieces with complicated shapes.

Wire processing machine In-line shot-peening machine Robot shot-peening machine
A production line machine to process the whole surface of wire ranging from Φ1 up to Φ30.

Widely used for parts for automobile(A/T) and aerospace(blades) industries.

A dedicated machine for aerospace industries to combine robot system with computer monitor system to achieve various recipe driven process.
AMS2432 compliance.
Roller conveyor machine
(For large substrate)
SCR machine Maskless machine for thin film solar cell
In line machine with process width of 3,000mm for large substrate workpiece of PDP,LCD etc.

Space saving machine to process the whole upper surface of a workpiece in a cabinet that is only a little bigger than the workpiece.
This machine can process straight line on the workpiece without using masks and free from dust adhesion on the surface.

High precision processing machine Manual blast chamber
This machine conveys a large substrate workpiece in a vertical position and process its both surfaces.
Machine for extra large workpiece.The operator would work in the chamber with protective cloths on. Optional low floor type machine achieves floor level of GL+400mm.(no pit required)
Blower type machine Inner and outer surface processing machine Batch process machine
Automated machine with energy saving feature to run without compressor.

Workpiece or nozzle will rotate.(For cylinders or drums)

Machines to process amount of small workpieces as a batch process.
Wet blast machine Vacuum blast machine Dry ice rotary table machine
Machine for wet or oily workpieces.

Machine for large workpiece that does not fit into a cabinet.

The machine for automatic continuous precision deburring for rubber, aluminum,plastics,etc., without cleaning process.
Manual machines for specific use

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