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Ultra-precision processing system

A sure control by the top brand sandblaster company

Ultra-precision processing system

Controlling the processing ability

  • The speed and homogeneity of the process is controlled with a high performance nozzle
  • Various nozzle sizes available to fit the speed (250mm max)
  • A large material of 50~60 sq. inch processed in 100~150 sec. (depending on the material)

Controlling the quantity of spray

  • With our patented stable digitally controlled spray, a high quality reproduction and depth control is materialized.

Spray accuracy of ±3% (depending on the particle size)
Spray method | Direct pressure/gravity
Range of particles 60~5μm (#240~#3000)
* We have succeeded in spraying of #800‚Čí2μm

Controlling the abrasive

  • Provision of right abrasive from a variety of lineup to correspond with the types and conditions of the workpiece for prosseing
  • Apt maintenance of the abrasive condition
  • Prevention of exhaust of and damage to the abrasive, cracks on material, mingling of foreign matter.

Characteristics and merit of Ultra Precision Processing

Small processing stress

  • The processing stress is at minimal. For example, it is ideal for reclaiming of Si wafer. The process is also applicable on PZT wafer and LT where the stress usually warps the material to cause cracks .

Processing of further precision

The abrasive sprayed from slit type nozzle has uniform speed distribution on spraying compared to a round nozzle, enabling a processing of higher precision.

  • The variation of the process is very small
  • With the dry film slit of 20μm, it is possible to process up to 20μ
  • μ unit order is possible with use of our spin coater (The ink is in development)
  • The abrasive speed is over 150m/sec; the aspect ratio is possible between 2~4 (Depending on the material)


  • Septation for PDP (Plasma display TV)
  • MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)
    • IT:Inkjet printer,Optical waveguide,FED,Micro lenses
    • Automobile: Home appliances: Fuel cell,Pressure sensor,Acceleration sensor
    • Bio/Medical: Micro Reactor,Sensor
  • Hard brittle material (SCI monocrystal, sapphire etc) High aspect processing is possible
  • Patterning processing of langasite, LT, PZT, wafer
  • Thin film delaminating of silicon wafer (for reclaim)
  • Precision diffuse processing of a reticle frame
  • Patterning process of various sensor (angle/speed others) circuit board
  • LGP processing of LCD backlight
  • DFR exfoliation, fast processing of large subtrates (Organic solvent replacement)
  • Speeding of a Desmear process of the print circuit board

Application examples

Application examples

Maskless System,
Edge Deletion

Silicon wafer thin film
exploitation machine

System line for
large substrates

* We have various other systems

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