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WPC Treatment-
(Wonder Process Craft)

Metal Parts, Die, Blade, Tools, All Last Several Times Longer!!
Sliding Resistance Reduced! Improved Abrasion Quality!

Methods of WPC treatment is patented and jointly held by Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Fuji Kihan Co., Ltd. (PAT.No.1594395)

Three primary effects of WPC Treatment

Surface Finish Heat Treatment

(Patent of Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd and FUJI KIHAN Co.,LTD)
Surface temperature of powder metallurgy alloy increases by fine particles peening, and metal binder in the powder metallurgy alloy will get soft, and each grain will combine solidly. Structure around the surface will be changed to be smooth and high hardness and adhesion of grains will be enhanced. Therefore, it is possible to increase wear resistance and durability of powder metallurgy alloy. Using this technique for cutting tool made of powder metallurgy alloy, we can obtain the cutting tool having the good wear resistance, durability, and increasing mechanical characteristic such as resistance to chipping.
Wear Prevention of Sliding Parts of the Metal Products

(Patent of FUJI KIHAN Co.,LTD)
On sliding parts of metal products, a lubricant is usually used. Under certain conditions, a lubricant dries up and friction occurs. By spraying abrasive, the surface structure becomes surface pressure resistant, creating small indents to make it difficult for lubricant to dry up, and making a near no-contact state, reducing the oil temperature and preventing the friction. When WPC treatment is applied on engine parts and other sliding parts, slide resistance is lower, increasing the power and providing higher fuel efficiency, and shortening the initial engine running-in period. It also prevents burns and scratches.
Diffusion at Normal Temperature Penetration Coating

(Patent of FUJI KIHAN Co.,LTD)
There is a limitation in physical property of a metal material. By spraying metal particles, its component element is diffused over the material surface and the diffused coating, and the surface gets alloyed, to strengthen the material. The treatment is used for pre-treatment of the plating and coating to increase the adhesiveness. By spraying metal particles of low melting point and low hardness, room temperature dry plating is possible.

Treatment Examples

WPC Treatment
Treatment to metal parts and dieLifespan Extension
Shaft(SCM)Over 5 times longer
Gear(SCM)14 times longer
Torsion Bar(SCM)Over 10 times longer
Needle Roller(SUJ)Over 10 times longer
Pump(SK)10 times longer
Gear(SNCM)Over 10 times longer
High Pressure Stainless Steel Ware (Stress corrosion cracking)No occurrence
Electrode Cu(less spatter)Over 7 times longer
Press Punch (SKD)3 times longer
Torque Punch (Ultra hard)5 times longer
Cold Forged Fitting(SKH)5 times longer
Metal Hot Forging(SKD)2 times longer
Die Cast(SKD)5 times longer
Die Cast Pin Pre Treatment TiCN Coating5 times longer
Squeeze Die Cast (SKD)5 times longer
Treatment to tools and bladesLifespan Extension
Drill(SKH)3~10 times longer
Tap(SKH)3~5 time longer
Vanishing Reamer(Ultra hard)3 times longer
End Mill(SKH)3 times longer
Broach(SKH)4 times longer
Pinion(SKH)Tin Coating2 times longer
Built-up Hob(SKH)2 times longer
Cermet Chip2 times longer
Ultra Hard Chip2 times longer
Metal Saw(SKH)Homo Treatment3 time longer
Rolled Strip(SKH)8 times longer
Drill(SKH)Tin Coating3 times longer
Gauge(SKD)3 times longer

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