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With high speed spray of abrasive from the sandblast gun, foreign matter is removed. An apt abrasive is selected to match the use and the material. Some abrasives allow for removal of foreign substances without making any scratches on the surface of the material. The application is used in various ways including recycling of various parts. There are no residuals in dry ice and sodium blast; the applications are ideal for cleaning the lines of semiconductor and food processing plants.

Cleaning Cleaning 2

Process Examples

Cleaning(Recycling)Vacuum deposition jig(Coated dome,various parts within pelger ware proof plate),Spatter parts,CVD machine fixture parts,pump,engine,paint fixture, food transporting parts,packing plate
Removal of molding sandLost wax, shell mold core, oil pressure valve body,golf head
Removal of paintAirplane body,automobile, vessel, rolling stock
Removal of scaleWelding scale,heat treatment,temper color,tank interior
Metal moldRubber and tire mold, lead frame mold, Styrofoam mold, die cast
ConcreteConcrete formwork cleaning

Abrasive in used:
Fuji Landum(A,WAaC),Steel bead, glass bead,polyplus, walnuts,peach,dry ice,sodium, Sirius.

Matte Finish.
Finishing of the surface with Non-glare property

Matte Finish

Nashiji, a unique Japanese pattern and expression has been commonly used in our daily life for some 1,000 years. PNEUMA BLASTER uses the modern technology to reproduce this pattern on the surface of various products. Generation of numerous spots with blasting is one of the ways of creating the Non-glare surface. Functionally, the treatment improves the oil retention, preventing a glare and slipping and hides scratches. It is also possible to make the surface more sliding with application of Matte finish.

Application Example

Aesthetic Matte FinishCamera body/watch case,band/eye ware frame/cell phone body/cosmetic bottle/aluminum wheel/various resin products/alumite aluminum parts/audio products/etc.
Matte Finish to improve the functionPave stone/heat pipe/power cable related products/magnetic roll/paper forwarding roll/golf club: iron/injector/etc.

Abrasive in used:
Ceramic beads/Fuji Landum(A,WA)/glass beads/etc.

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